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We would welcome you joining the Friends of Oxley Creek common, to help support our work in conserving and protecting this amazing wildlife refuge within Brisbane's suburbs.

You will automatically receive our newsletter every 2 months by email and can contribute at our bi-annual members meetings. You can, of course also join in on guided walks, volunteer activities and public open days throughout the year

Simply complete this online form and then send payment by either direct deposit to our bank account, or by sending a cheque to PO Box 319 Sherwood, Qld 4075. 

Once you have completed this and we can confirm receipt of your payment, we will confirm your membership.


The following groups and individuals are Life Members of FOOCC. 

  • Hugh Possingham
  • Robyn Mulder
  • Mary Lou Simpson
  • Luke Nuttall

Membership fees

All costs are per year, except Life membership. In the membership form, you have the option of having your name above as a life member if you choose.

  1 year 5 years
Single   $       15.00  $       60.00
Concession  $       12.00  $       48.00
Family  $       20.00  $       80.00
Group  $       30.00  $     120.00
Corporate  $       80.00  $     320.00
Life  Full   $     400.00
Life  Concession   $     320.00


To sign up for membership please Click here